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Horse Health Requirements
4-H Horse Project Requirements
Horse Health Requirements
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What you need to know about the Horse health requirements.

All horses and ponies, 6 months of age and older, must meet minimum health requirements for all 4-H sponsored activities.

Plan to have your veterinarian visit early in the year to be sure that your health requirements are current prior to the first 4-H activity of the year.

All horses and ponies must have rabies vaccination within one year of the activity you are participating in.

A rabies certificate signed by a licensed veterinarian must be submitted to the extension office as proof of rabies vaccination. The document submitted must include the veterinarian's signature, date of vaccination, and nae and/or description of the horse. Acceptable forms of vaccination certificates include, but are not limited to, standard rabies certificate, itemized bill signed by the veterinarian, or a statement on business letterhead signed by the veterinarian.

All horse and ponies must have proof of current negative Equine Infectious Anemia(EIA) status within one year of the activity you are participating in. An example of proof of negative EIA status is a coggins test report.

You must also complete a copy of a Veterinary Client Patient Relationship Form (VCPR). All 4-H horse project animals may be included on one form.

When you receive your rabies vaccination statement, negative Coggins test report, and CVI form make multiple (at least 6) copies of each. You will be required to submit these when you register for various activities.

You will need to have copies for the following: Spring 4-H clinic, project enrollment forms, and 4-H sponsored open horse shows. You should keep your original copies and be sure to carry them with you at all times when you are trailering your horse.

If you plan to participate in the butler fair, you will need copies of you rabies verification and neg. coggins test to submit to your 4-H leader to request a stall in a 4-H barn. You will also need copies to submit with your entries and to post on your stall during the Butler Fair.

Please see the current PA 4-H Horse Show Rule Book for additional details regarding rabies vaccination and negative EIA status requirements.

PA 4-H Horse Show Rule Books were handed out at the regular 4-H meeting to current members.

updated 10/10/06