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The Silver Spurs would like to say goodbye to Roxanne Lackey as a leader and welcome our new leader Kerri Plecher!
The silver spurs has a new leader and we have a lot planned for the new year so sign up now. The new year is just starting!


Welcome to the official Silver Spurs 4-H Horse and Pony club website.
This website is created to let people explore the silver spurs 4-H club. Silver Spurs is dedicated to teaching kids ages 8-18 years of age how to properly feed their horses/ponies, proper grooming, and showing skills. Take your time and enjoy the pictures of our members and their horses/ponies, make sure to check out the 2006 Butler county 4-H horse events, activities, and deadlines. Also check out some of the horse website links if you are looking for a horse or pony of your own!
This past meeting (10/9/06) the Silver Spurs voted in the new officers for the comming new year. They are as follows:
President:  Jennifer Plecher
Vice-Pres.: Alicia Sacco
Secretary:  Sonia Sacco
Treasurer:  Michelle Hughes
Social chairman:  Tarah Schmidt
If you are interested in joining our club bring a parent and $10 to the next meeting. if you need directions email me.

The horse and pony show season has almost started! Do you belong to a 4-H group? If not why not join the silver spurs horse and pony 4-H club? Well you can. We are located at the concord prespeterian church in West Sunbury, Butler Pennsylvania. Come to a meeting and check us out sometime!

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enjoy the site.


updated 10/10/06